Soup and Rice Ball Kind of Nights

2017-11-20 All day

Nothing would be more perfect than a steaming bowl of hearty soup for dinner. I am offering two kinds of Japanese entree soup. You can add a couple of rice balls to go with it to make a complete winter meal.

Two soups:
Ton Jiru – miso soup with pork belly and a variety of root vegetables. If you’re interested in my “ton jiru story that I wrote for a local newspaper, check out the article at

Kenchin Jiru (Vegan) – soy sauce based soup with crumbled tofu and a variety of root vegetables

NOTE: There are two sizes of soup available, single serving (16 oz cup) and 2 servings (1 quart container).

Rice Balls – broiled salmon flakes, pickled plum (vegan), kimpira gobo (vegan)